Engage your audience with thematic and customized food detection features by utilizing our intuitive AI products.

Image Detection

Nutrifai Image API uses state-of-the-art deep learning technology to detect a culturally diverse range of foods and extract their corresponding nutrition values. Every food item detected by Nutrifai is paired with detailed nutrition information.

  • Simply upload a food photo and get the nutritional information of your meal
  • Identify thousands of food categories
  • Extract the exact position of each food on image

Speech Recognition

Accurately convert speech into nutrition facts using the most advanced AI technologies. No need to choose the details of foods from massive lists. Just talk to your smart phone and our Speech recognition API transfer your voice to nutrition information

  • Transcribe your content with accurate nutrition information
  • Deliver better user experience in products through voice descriptions
  • Deliver speech recognition in different languages

Natural language processing

Simply describe what you eat and Nutrifai natural language processing API can extract exact nutrition facts of it

  • Read, decipher, understand, and make sense of different human languages in a manner that is valuable
  • Derive meaning from human languages
  • Support interaction between computers and humans using the natural language

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