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Engage your audience with thematic and customized food detection features by utilizing our intuitive AI products.

Image Detection

Nutrifai Image API uses state-of-the-art deep learning technology to detect a culturally diverse range of foods and extract their corresponding nutrition values.

Speech Recognition

Powering applications by extracting nutrition facts using Nutrifai advanced speech recognition API. Talk with your application and our Speech recognition API transfer your voice to nutrition information.


Describe what you eat, Nutrifai text recognition API can extract exact nutrition facts of it.

Use Cases

Our products and solutions enable our branded partners to customize health and fitness tracking applications using Nutrifai API and deliver compelling and high-end experiences to their end-users.

Fitness & Tracking

A fitness mobile application to track your workout and overall health along with our golden AI detection feature to automate recording your meals diary.

Gluten-free Diet

Our API can help Mobile Apps and personal health providers to detect gluten-related food and notify users of your mobile application to avoid eating it to keep the personal health and wellness on track smartly

Food Allergy App

An easy to use mobile application to directly scan food items on your plate and gives nutrition values in a matter of seconds. Snap a photo or upload it and get all you need to know about it.

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